A treat for some hard work

So. Was talking of getting an e-reader so not having to fill the house with physical copies. Anyways. Finished my book and thought instead of buying another one I’ll just do the deed and buy an Amazon Kindle.

Been doing really well in the current world. Exercise is way up. Drinking booze is way down so I thought I deserve a new toy as a treat for some hard work. Already found about 10 books I need…yes I need to read them…after about 2 minutes of searching their titles. Waiting a few days on postage which could be longer with post delays but worth it in the long run. I’m excited to get it and get reading.


Good on you for all of your progress. You’ve been doing an amazing job, sir.



Sounds good @rogueone! I love books, what kind of books did you buy?

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Thanks @velociraptor. :slight_smile: . @Sezbot241 Waiting till the ereader gets here although I’ve downloaded an app that I can read on my iphone…I have started my list. First one is next in the Witcher series…I think I’m up to about book 4.


I was actually seriously tempted to buy a smaller mirrorless camera system, but we still have some bills to pay down and I’d like to get more $$$ in the bank for the next bump in the road. This month’s treat to myself was the warm glow that comes from behaving responsibly.



My Aunt bought a mirrorless …it was cheap but like a lot of Aussie dollars. I had a look at the tech and they rave about them…might be a good investment in the future. I look at an ereader like that…worth spending some money because it’ll give me a lot of pleasure.

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I recommend getting a Kindle Unlimited subscription. If you read a lot, it can save you tons.


Yeah cool. I have seen that…it’s like $15 a month over here. I already pay for netflix but if it’s worth it I don’t mind paying. I’ve four or so days till the kindle turns up. The post is going so slow over here because everyone is buying online. I had a delivery on a public holiday at 7pm. Absolutely crazy stuff happening to the post in these times…

Thanks for the tip.

Reading is wonderful, more people should be doing it more often!

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It’s $15:a month here, too.

Your library may have a digital lending library. I can get digital books sent to my kindle account for free. You’d have to call or visit your local library to find out.

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the authors don’t get the profits from Unlimited.

Thanks @ZombieMombie will check it out.

Um, yes they do. My books are on KU and I get paid.


I’ve yet to see it personally myself.

How are you getting people to read your books or buy them on Kindle Store.

I don’t know? I have some good reviews and posted excerpts on my author FB. Different genres have different types of fans that either will try new stuff and tell others or just won’t.

There’s something I love about curling up with a good book. But I have read from a kindle. It’s fine, but for me it’s somehow less satisfying

Always nice to have a treat for yourself!

I wish I could read properly. I rely on films based on books for decent story telling

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