A total aimless ramble

In my NA daily meditation book they say addicts (and alcoholics) want something for nothing. We get clean and we want money, a college degree, a great job etc… We see other people with these things and we want them too. And right NOW. But we are hesitant about doing what it takes to get those. And the book says, “What if tomorrow, someone gives us the straight A’s without us earning them”? We will go the rest of our lives feeling like frauds.
Or if someone hands us a prestigious job? We wouldn’t know how to handle it.
I can’t find the exact passage right now.


Like learning how to walk the walk, maybe?

Kinda like that.

it’s not yours if you didn’t earn it.

Not always true.

explain…(more than 15 characters)

All the kids born into rich families who get handed everything. All the sons of dictators such as Kim Jung Sung who got handed their power.

They didn’t earn it, that’s why it goes to their head. and…well, just because it got handed to them, it really isn’t theirs and they know it.

They had to work hard to make them theirs,if it’s theirs…if they are not capable than someone else would take over sometime

Maybe they suffer like others did or even more…we just don’t know,how do we know if the North Korean leader doesn’t go through struggle of his own,maybe he does we just don’t know…

When I was getting clean… I was expecting everything to get better… (as in instant job, school, place of my own)

It was hard to swallow… all that work getting off drugs only to have more hard work. So glad I was able to get rid of the anchor of drugs and alcohol.

what chaos.


It always feels better to earn it. People that have it all still want something-and that thing has to be earned.
Example: Now that Im older, I feel like Ive “paid my dues” after going through so much in my life. It`s almost as if I can write my own ticket on how I want to live now. Just have to keep quiet about it and live it.
Not sure if that makes sense…or hits the mark