A top 20 website

I want to donate money to sz causes

I don’t want to be a public figure though in any way

Maybe I’ll write a book or something. My wife is an author and prob remembers it better then me

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That’s a noble thought

I’m going to call it Rare: By Dr Moonwalker A, D, BP, SZA, Hypersomnia, possible asbegers

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My kid probably has asbegers, weak autism according to the psychologist but he just turned three and randomly wrote piano on his blackboard and he loves the piano. He puts his iPhone on the piano pilots the piano video on and tries to play along. He gets the crescendo and the pitch but the notes are still all over the place. We not force or coach him on any of this

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Anyone want to chat about my website? It’s almost operational

I used to go to a top ten website every day as part of my routine.

I stopped going because they had too many advertisements.

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We will only have 4 boxes across the top… and good to see you after so long

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What kind of videos did they show?

Weird stuff.

Top ten most disturbing music videos,

Top ten people come back to life,

Top ten weird weather phenomenon,

Top ten serial killers,

Things like that.

It was interesting, they came out with one, high quality list everyday for years.

Then they started bumping it up to three or four lesser quality articles and added a lot of advertisements.

Then I stopped going.


Ah his is all going to be programmed to automatically generate the lists based on most viewed videos over the previous 24 hours. And it’s searchable by date, keyword, and region or globally

Why not get him a piano teacher? If he gets the concepts of crescendo and pitch at such a tender age of 3, well, that is just amazing. I still can’t grasp crescendo and I’ve been studying piano for 15 years now.

The truly great pianists all start out at the age of 3 or 4.

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He is behind with talking and that’s the only reason. I downloaded simply piano after teaching him 3 blind mice and seeing his enthusiasm. I keep encouraging him to talk more, and he is getting better everyday

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Dum de dumb anyone wonder what it will be like to see all the videos ranked against each other across the whole world?

Drumroll… im extremely exited that the site will be operational in 3 days. We have made enormous progress over the last week with the programmer putting in 10 hour days or more 7 days a week.

We had some stumbling blocks with communication but that’s been resolved I hope.

Being operational is still fa from being the end of the line for development because we want to add a login feature and other functions…

But in just a couple more days I’ll be able to get the answer to a question I’ve wondered for a long time

What are the top YouTube videos in the World?

Well the site has hit its Beta 1.0 phase which means it kind of works but still needs some bugs ironed out. The programmer is away till Monday so next week everything should be ironed out. Quite exciting to see it at this phase but mostly I’m just trying to stay calm