A tip for road trips

so last time we went to colorado to visit my sister, my mom and dad wanted me to drive through kansas. anyways here is my tip, go the speed limit and keep a big space between you and anybody in front of you. most people will speed and it is so much more peaceful to let them pass you by. when dad drives he goes 7-10mph over the speed limit and we are always getting into an out of traffic. i feel my way is much safer and more relaxing, although it does take longer to get to point A to point B.

he speeds but he makes a lot of stops to go to the bathroom or to eat, and we always end up passing the same cars like 3 times because of our stops.

My biggest tip for driving any distance any where is assume every driver is either drunk high or on their phone, or eating, or doing their make up, yelling at their kids, etc.


I always made sure i have plenty of audioentertainment on long trips.

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