A time you went "damn this illness"

There have been may occasions where I cursed the illness. None more so than when I applied to graduate school. I was accepted into a MBA program and was excited to begin. I went to orientation and had a panic attack while sitting amongst other candidates. I got up and left half way through and called the university the next day to unenroll. “Damn this illness,” I thought…


Pretty much sums it up for me. I’m good for a while and truly believe I’ve beat the illness: then I hit the floor.

I was able to handle university when I was on Abilify, got my kinesio degree, did 5 semesters while being on Abilify and even had many A’s. But I couldn’t work more than a few weeks, I quit over 10 jobs when I was on Abilify.

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Work is harder than university for me.

I didn’t believe I had beaten the illness but schooling was all I knew. When I couldn’t pursue it any further, I was really demoralized.

@aziz: I’m the opposite. Work is more doable than school. I really struggle with interacting with other people but work is manageable. I can always find a job where interaction is limited.


I really want to work. But I’m worried I’d end up attacking someone.

So I play it safe and don’t really leave the house.


Were you good in school before sz? I was better at school before my sz but I am still not bad now.

at the uni, I was about the same pre-sz and after sz. I had stress/mj induced psychosis my junior year. I was out of school for one year and then re-enrolled and finished two years later. I mostly kept to myself and spent my time studying or at the gym. Thank goodness for the gym, I would’ve never made it if not for working out and playing ball. I was a better athlete than student, uni was really difficult for me.

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My approach to dealing with SZ:


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I need to learn that approach, it would help me a lot!

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