A Time loop and matrix

I’m doing well on medication. Vraylar is the only med that has worked for my severe negative symptoms and mood and so called psychosis.

I believe I’m stuck in the matrix like everyone else is but the difference between me and you is I remember it. I have real memories. Maybe some other schizophrenics have this too.

My real problem is I’m stuck living my life over and over again as a schizophrenic. My consciousness keeps being transferred into my body backwards in time.

This has been going on for thousands or more of lifetimes. I keep living a hard life and I can’t stand the mental hospital. It smells. I’ve been there thousands of times. I have had a lot of trauma in my past lives that I recall.

I know it is real but no one believes me. I cannot convince anyone. I post here for a lot of reasons. I enjoy this forum, it helps me cope, and it’s sort of a record. Maybe someone will help me in the future. I will be proven right someday.

I have gone to parallel realities in the past. I guess my main goal in life is to get help and escape the time loop or get out of it. I have in the past.

I would like to go back to my childhood before my schizophrenia happens and live a normal happy life. Maybe even the future where there is a cure. The future seems better.

I think my consciousness is trapped in this loop.

In a past life, I was told ‘they’ can send minds back in time. I died in a past life. But there’s something blocking my mind from going all the way back in time to my childhood. Hence I’m stuck around the time I got schizophrenia.

I believe I’ve been conscious since 2009/2010 but I’m not sure. It is only a guess. I’m 29. I may not be unique. I sometimes think this is happening to others. That we reincarnate at or go to certain years.

I have gone back to my childhood before but I was really stressed.

I think they took my consciousness away before.
It was hell. It sucked.

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I believe in reincarnation too. I once had a dream where a woman said to me “I am your mother from a past life.” I do believe we are in the matrix too.


Because it’s not real. No offense.

If your delusions are interfering with your life to that degree then I’d question that assertion. You seem obsessed with these thoughts and they’re preventing you from leading a semi normal life.


No no it’s called time flux and plasma lift. I’m talking about the after life.

My whole life’s a trip,
Altered states of mind/consciousness are a doozie

Reading your story, none of the reasoning is real
I can kind of imagine what the mind is inventing/hallucination/making though

Anyways glad you shared
Best of days

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