A thread for the odd joke you might like

The following is a joke on psychopaths.

“Hit me, Hit me” says the masochist

“No” says the sadist.

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Personally I thought it was amusing.

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Is the joke that the sadist is withholding the hit? So the sadist is being cruel by withholding the hit?

@77nick77…yep…that’s the joke… :smiley: …I thought it was a good one!

And for anyone who doesn’t know, the definition of a masochist is someone who enjoys suffering whereas a sadist is a person who enjoys inflicting suffering…

anyway jokes kinda spoil themselves if explained…they need the penny to drop…its just I was surprised by the fact that I didn’t receive a single “like” to that joke…maybe it was just funny to me!!

I actually read it in the book “Psychology for Dummies”

Well we can’t all be a George Carlin or Jay Leno. Yeah, you’re right, sorry, I hate it when I have to explain my jokes.

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