A thank you and Some kindness!

Hi folks,

Big thanks to all who wished my mother well. It’s not such a good prognosis but I appreciate all your concern and feelings. It really means a hell of a lot!

It’s a big deal my mother because she’s such a wonderful human being. She kept me off the wards when I was rabidly psychotic. She took me in and looked out for me when I was struggling whilst looking out for a family of 7. Really an amazing women which I’m so lucky to have so many such models in my life…my paternal grandma read tea leaves professionally and married my grandfather who had the same birthday. What she didn’t tell him was she was 10 years older!! Still so cool in my books!

So. Love all of you mad people. I know I’ve been a hard ass for a lot of time using these boards but with some reality and some understanding I just want to say it’s time to just be. I don’t need to or want to fight with people. I can just leave that stuff for others. I just want to come here and be supportive and if people don’t agree that is fine! I’m not going to do a major because I don’t agree. I just don’t reply!

Big thanks to all you lovely, mad, crazy, beautiful people. I’m glad you’ve got my back and believe me I have yours!

Paul…the rogueone!


(((hugs))) I have such love for you my fellow aussie matey

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Thanks @anon84763962 much appreciated. It’s not good times. We all need to adjust and it’s a big family. Hope there’s some good news … it’s so hard to say. Big thanks!

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I’m really sorry to hear that. My thoughts are with you and your family xoxo


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