A tendency to dwell on negative issues

I tell myself to not think about it but it is difficult. Right now, my problem centers on children and sex, not that neglected children don’t get ideas, they do, but they are frightening delusions. Anyway, how do you break away from thinking about stuff like this.

I’m generally positive but it also has to do whether I’m depressed or not. Maybe you dwell because your mood is low. Fixes might be coffee, excersize, staying active with your mind and so on… so you feel healthy. Oh eat chocolate too

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I distract myself by doing something i like or some reward of some sort. I have negative intrusive thoughts too.

I also have mantras that I repeat to myself during negativity.
I have collected some on this forum

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You have children, or delusions of children?..

Maybe listen to some music or watch a movie.

No, just memories of my own childhood. And my providers 6 year old granddaughter is here a lot. Also, years ago, I taught children music.

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I have tried prayer and I don’t know if you pray but it’s asking for help from the Almighty for

the grace to persevere in time of trouble. He will assist if you believe. And occupy your time

in learning something, it may take you a long time sometimes but it’s better to have some

kind of small hobby like gardening starting from a seed to plant after it has germinated.

Sit and think, not good no drink, the gears of thought keep turning.
Around they go they seem to grow,
and time just passed you by.

Your mind can only hold one thought at a time. If it’s stuck on negativity, there it lays, no room for anything new or different, as long as it has something to think about, it will.

Oh L00ky OvEr ThERE…Is THAT what I THINK it is?
Not There, THERE.

Yes it is!
A Distraction for you.

Shiny Shiny…Yeah.

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