A switch just flipped

I want to learn yoga. I am looking for classes so I can feel motivated with others. Ideas not to lose weight but for health overall.

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Yoga or ddpyoga?

Basic postures … I don’t know what ddp is.

Basic yoga is on the Wii fit, but it’s not fluid enough for my liking!

Lol I see. I find class better than wii though. More motivated through others :slight_smile:

I’ve been doing yoga for about a year and love it.

Still haven’t brought myself to go to a real class yet,

My transitions are not very smooth.

Also I live in a pretty pretentious area and I don’t want to be the only person that doesn’t look like they walked straight off the runway. Maybe I’m just being insecure.

Anyway, good luck! I love it, it really does make your body feel better and its super good for your brain.

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