A supplement that may have put my schizophrenia in remission


Keep us updated.


I think there may be a bit of a placebo effect going on here.


The skepticism is welcome, but we’ve probably tried this that and the other thing and noticed no symptom reduction as strong as with the supplement. MrSquirrel even said it was as effective as Clozaril at diminishing his symptoms in an earlier post.

I’ve tried at least a half-dozen supplements and none reduced voices like this.

Also, a study showed it worked to significantly reduce symptoms in treatment-resistant schizophrenics (linked in first post.)


To all,

Did you do this, take this, in the usa, and, did your pdoc recommend it? Bear with me, please, I’ve had general anesthesia today.

Thanks, bunches!

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If you run the supplement by your pdoc he should be OK with it, there aren’t any cross-drug reactions, from what I’ve heard.

I take it in Canada, also.

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OMG, it’s like the five stages of grief, but for supplements.

What next, do I get my diagnosis questioned again? (You must not have been SZ in the first place!)


Nobody pdoc has even heard of it . I can almost guarantee that.


I have now run this past and have the blessing of:

  1. Psychiatrist
  2. Cardiologist
  3. Family physician

None of them could see any reasons why I shouldn’t try the supplement so long as I’m not messing with my current meds, which I’m not. I’m also friends with a pharmacist who is quite knowledgeable about interactions and also gave me the all clear.

I suspect this one is going to get some traction in the medical community.


Yes I know you have told them about it. But they have never heard of it until you mentioned it to them.


I suspect this one is going to get some traction in the medical community.

I can tell you that sarcosine has been out for quite some time. In Fact I can find articles in the psychiatric times about it dating back to December 2007. They were promising. Funny this is almost 12 years later and nobody’s pdoc has heard of it. We have to tell them about it.

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I agree that there will have to be a herculean effort backed by people in the medical establishment to make Lion’s Mane known, or even a conventional treatment for schizophrenia.

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I’m in no way saying you shouldnt take it. If you believe it helps you then by all means stick with it. I’m just saying there is something wrong here that there isn’t more known about it in the medical community.

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More than just that - my right shoulder continues to hold up very well. I’m still finding that it feels good to draw a bow and I’ve started doing light shoulder presses with my resistance bands. Working my way back up to using my free weights. Have also been bending at the waist, something I generally don’t do. It hurts, yeah, but it’s not agonizing. I’ll take that.

It’s been over a week since I’ve had to take a pain killer.



My doctor is a bright qualified and competent psychiatrist.
She would never approve me taking this stuff.

She knows better.


This type of stuff never got the type of research it needed to be fully accepted by the medical community. Which is a lot. The studies that sarcosine got were promising. I have found good reviews of the lions mane on Amazon for people that swear by it. Pdocs have to get off their lazy ass and research this stuff themselves if they really want to help people. Totally arrogant to just say nothing like that will help people when you have not bothered to look into it. I take a couple of supplements and I believe they totally help me. It would be totally arrogant of me to say lions mane doesnt work when I have never tried it myself

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Are you “talking” to me? @jassy22?

I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be discouraging these supplements but I can only speak for myself.

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I’m talking about how these supplements have helped me and it’s like I had to help myself and figure it out. Pdocs are totally useless and arrogant about them. It doesnt make me happy. Some of the stuff that was said prompted me to throw in my opinion

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I’m glad these supplements have helped you.
I personally am afraid that most of these supplements will either make me manic or increase my anxiety.

Everything makes me manic unfortunately.


You got me, I’ve been seeing the one who got her med school diploma out of a box of Cracker Jacks. What gave me away?



Hats off to those who are taking it and apparently doing well, but I would never take something who’s efficacy and interaction potential has not been deeply studied.

Maybe in 5 years when it’s a well known and safe supplement to take with sz and sz meds, I will happily jump into the Mane.