A supplement that may have put my schizophrenia in remission


My supplement days are over. I really hope it helps you guys.

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My bottle is out of customs, should be getting it any day now



Lions main increases NGF

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I feel that you’ve been an incredibly solid contributor to this community and you are due some recognition for extensive support and education you provide.



You’re so kind!

I appreciate your extensive feedback on this supplement matter.

I can’t wait to hear about the progress people who have dug in and bought the supplement will make.



I’m waiting to see the long term effects. Like does it poop out and stop working or does it cause abnormal blood test results… It’s early days guys …



A real concern.



I’ll get a full medical eventually, bloodwork is something worth looking at.



Can answer that in about a month. Blood sugar is fine, but that’s all I’ve got for now.

No clue. Didn’t expect it to work at all in the first place, just figured I was rolling the dice. I’ll take whatever I can get.



Yes. And does a Lion’s Mane “vacation” restore its effects.

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My mom started taking it after I told her about it and she notices positive cognitive effects. Better memory, clearer thoughts and it’s only been a couple of weeks

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I have cognitive deficits and severe intrusive thoughts. Does thisseem to help that? Thoughts? Negatives like avolition?

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I’ll definitely tell you when I start taking it with regards to avolition and cognitive decline



I’m not sure whether Lion’s Mane helps with intrusive thoughts, since I’m taking two things right now, that plus 20 grams of fish oil a day.

I had severe intrusive thoughts, due to my brain injury. I’ve been taking the fish oil a day for a few weeks now, and it’s helping greatly. My head is hurting much less, like 60-70%, and I have tons more control over what I think now. When intrusive thoughts happen they’re not a huge deal anymore.

That regimen is so effective at healing brain issues that a man was pulled out of a coma with it! His head was so injured before that he needed a piece of his skull removed to relieve the pressure, and now he’s up and walking thanks to a number of weeks of that.

I don’t believe fish oil helps with voices though.

Also, my negative symptoms are less now, since the voices aren’t interrupting everything I do and making me feel crazy and reclusive anymore.

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What exactly are intrusive thoughts?

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When you have an unusually violent or sexual thought about someone.

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Got my amyloban today, took the first 2 pills!!



Week 3 update. Mostly no voices / positive symptoms for past week. Still having intrusive thoughts, although they are fewer in number. Struggling with negative symptoms, but personal life is stressful right now.

Traveling this week, won’t be around much.



It’s still early since it’s only been 2-3 days but already my head is clearer, I’m feeling more awake, and my back pain is not noticeable. It’s an amazing start… oh and the auditory hallucinations have decreased!



Good news! Thanks for the update.

6 week update:

I was taking 6 grams of’s Lion’s Mane almost as a PRN, whenever I’d hear a peep I’d take 2, so that came out to three times a day. But now the voices are super super quiet now (almost totally off) so I’m down to 4 grams a day. Stuff works a charm!

I also take 20 grams of a generic fish oil a day, and my headache is diminishing to the point of enjoying life again, after about 3 weeks of it. Fish oil quality is generally good within expiry dates, since heavy metals don’t accumulate in the oil, they accumulate in muscle tissue, so pretty much any brand is alright to take daily.