A supplement that may have put my schizophrenia in remission


Amyloban regrows damaged nerves in the brain, so it’s possible it may have turned back the clock some. That’s pretty awesome though!


Well it’s either the Amyloban or the increased Vitamin D I’m taking because everyone in the office seems to have a cold right now and I don’t want to catch it. I’ve jacked up Vitamin D plenty of times before while doing archery and never noticed this.

Also feel my sarcosine hitting more strongly, if that makes sense?


That’s cool, hope the benefits continue to mount. Is your back hurting any less? It’s supposed to help with neuropathic pain.


Now that you mention it, back and right shoulder, yeah. Felt really good drawing tonight, wasn’t gritting my teeth.

Edit: Holy shizzle. I just realized I have a bunch of range of motion in my right arm I didn’t have last month because of pain. I’m totally freaking out right now in a good way.


Glad to hear it’s helping so much!


I had stopped doing weight training mainly because shoulder presses and bench presses had become so painful. I just went downstairs and was able to shoulder press 100lbs a few times with tolerable discomfort and the same with bench. I’ve lost some muscle mass, but I can get it back if the pain doesn’t stop me, which is what happened before.

I am so chuffed.


I read the Wikipedia article about this guy. To be honest, it sounds like he was completely crazy (the kind of crazy you only get from doing too many psychedelics), and his theory is far-fetched and irrational.

" McKenna’s “stoned ape” theory has not received attention from the scientific community and has been criticized for a relative lack of citation to any of the paleoanthropological evidence informing our understanding of human origins. His ideas regarding psilocybin and visual acuity have been criticized by suggesting he misrepresented Fischer et al., who published studies about visual perception in terms of various specific parameters, not acuity. Criticism has also been expressed due to the fact that in a separate study on psilocybin induced transformation of visual space Fischer et al. stated that psilocybin “may not be conducive to the survival of the organism”. There is also a lack of scientific evidence that psilocybin increases sexual arousal, and even if it does, it does not necessarily entail an evolutionary advantage.[81]Others have pointed to civilisations such as the Aztecs, who used psychedelic mushrooms (at least among the Priestly class), that didn’t reflect McKenna’s model of how psychedelic-using cultures would behave, for example, by carrying out human sacrifice.[12] Although, it has been noted that psilocybin usage by the Aztec civilisation is far removed from the type of usage on which McKenna was speculating.[43] There are also examples of Amazonian tribes such as the Jivaro and the Yanomami who use ayahuasca ceremoniously and who are known to engage in violent behaviour. This, it has been argued, indicates the use of psychedelic plants does not necessarily suppress the ego and create harmonious societies."


I got the contact info for customs and my tracker I’d so I’m going to see what I can do to get my amyloban out of customs. I hate the Portuguese customs with a passion


Terence mckenna is my go to listen on youtube. He moved away from the psychadelic types of ideas later on in his career. But yes that was his early theory of man. Basically we were tree dwelling people who needed to expand our diet and the psychadelics i.e mushrooms turned us into what we are now. But hes talking about magic mushrooms not amyloban or lions mane.


No idea about the stoned ape stuff as it sounds pretty whacked out. Here’s what I can tell you about my experience with this supplement itself at the end of week two:

  • Voices down by at least 3/4.
  • Definite improvement with negative symptoms. Not sure if the 3399 or just not losing a whack tonne of energy to coping with positive symptoms.
  • Feels like I’m going farther on my sarcosine doses now.
  • The pain in my neck, back, and especially right shoulder is noticeably reduced. Was able to do some shoulder presses without wanting to cry for the first time in a while. Drawing a bow with my right arm feels good.
  • I’m blown away so far. Have re-upped my supply.

My main impression is that this stuff works and that it comes out of the bottle swinging. Others may find their mileage (kilometerage for @Treebeard) varies, but I’m officially a convert.


I really want to try this stuff now!


@SzAdmin, this seems like a good product to sell on the site! has an affiliate marketing program even, so it doesn’t seem like that would be too hard to make happen.


5 week update:

Voices aren’t mumbling anymore against white noise! My heater sounds like a heater now, not someone whispering to me. I believe this other-branded Lion’s mane is working. Also, I ate foods that would otherwise flare up my symptoms, lots of meat lovers’ pizza. Still very very minimal symptoms!


I’m waiting until I hit the two month mark before I talk to my pdoc about tapering back on the Geodon. The higher dose I’m on right now is … not optimal. Don’t want to rush into it, however. If things continue like they are, I’ll certainly be asking about ramping back down. 10mg with breakfast and 10mg with supper was much more conducive to good quality of life than the 40mg and 40mg I’m on now.


I’m looking at this Amyloban 3399. The issue I’m having with it is purely financial. Best I can find is a 1:1 price that’s triple the cost of my script.


Could be a cheaper option, I haven’t tried it yet although I have a bottle on the way:


Thank you very much for that. That’s much closer to what I pay. My bi-annual pdoc appointment is Friday and I’m now going to run this by him. Appreciate it dude! <3


All credit to @naturallycured for this, he’s the one who shared it first and has been doing a good job of providing updates, links, and a cheaper alternative.



Thanks @naturallycured. Your effort is much appreciated and not unnoticed. :slight_smile:


Thank you guys for the credit. I feel this is a joint effort though.

5 1/2 week update:

I was taking 6 grams of the Lions Mane for a few days, out of desperation to shut the voices off 100% , and my head feels almost like a perfect void now. I still hear someone talking quietly if I have a bad thought but it is very easy to concentrate on things now. I’m close to removing the curse!