A supplement that may have put my schizophrenia in remission


Just finished week one of Amyloban 3399. I can see why @naturallycured is thinking remission as the sudden ramp down in positive symptoms has been dramatic. Could also be placebo effect, but the last time something flattened symptoms like this for me it was Clozaril. Not noticing any side effects other than feeling really damn functional. Yes, I’m still taking my AP like I’m supposed to and not monkeying with it so no one freak out please.

Will report again in week two.


Is it doing anything for negative symptoms ? (Or do you not suffer from negative symptoms?)


Not that I’ve noticed. I’m also under higher than normal stress because of a work issue I’ll need to deal with over the next several days and that could be why I’m fighting with negatives (which I also have).


I’ve just finished my first bottle of Amyloban and I still hear a tiny bit of voices. They’re very quiet now and only chime in quietly when I have a negative though, they don’t interrupt me. Their intensity is like a 0.1/10. The most dramatic changes happened in the first week for me though, as with what happened to @MrSquirrel.

If I didn’t have a chronic headache, I feel that I would be able to function outside just fine like this.

I’m getting a med adjustment in two days to get rid of what remains, and hopefully to reduce my chronic headache (switching from 12mg Paliperidone to 2mg Rexulti and if the pdoc allows it, 2mg Haldol for my headache.)

Also, I switched to a different, more affordable, but still potent form of Lion’s Mane from for experiment’s sake. I’m interested in whether it will continue to reduce symptoms. If it doesn’t, I’ll just switch back to Amyloban 3399 30 days from now.


The studies were a nice find, well done!

I have gone for the cheaper, but powerful version too to see if it makes a difference for me.

Cheers. :slight_smile:


Can i ask what dosage are you taking a day and when do you take them?


I am now on the version of Lion’s mane and am taking 4 grams a day, 2 in the morning and 2 at night.


I don’t know if it is the placebo effect, but I really felt it from the first pill.

Mine says 3 servings a day and they are 1.5g.

It really adds to my meditation blissfulness.

Really good find, thanks. :slight_smile:


My pills are hung up in customs and the seller is not on amazon anymore. I’m screwed


Did you spend big on the amyloban 3399 or go for generic stuff like me?


Just ordered the amyloban for the first time


How long have they been in customs?


2 days now but I always have problems shipping USA to Portugal ugh


I’ve had packages from the US to Canada be stuck for 3-4 days in customs. They take their sweet time it’s like.


If someone can find something other than meds that works for them that’s a good thing. The meds have some life shortening side effects like metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, weight gain, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, not to mention the truly horrific ones like akathisia and tardive dyskinesia. I know. I’ve experienced them.

I also know from personal experience Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and its spinoffs can give people non-medical ways of coping with schizophrenia. It is not a cure, but it gives me a way to cope with it and move on with my life instead of spending all day dealing with the side effects.


The worst thing for Canadians is when you’re looking at your package tracking and see that it’s in Mississauga ON. That automatically adds at least a week. Not sure what is going on there, but suspect that it’s not a lot. (Canada’s coffee break capitol?)


I don’t order internationally very often, but when I do I use PayPal. I send the seller a message, and if I don’t hear back within 24 hours, I file a claim with PayPal. If I don’t hear back from the seller within a week, I escalate the claim. At that point PayPal sets a date that I must receive my package. PayPal will credit my account if I haven’t received my package by the date. Typically the package arrives a few days later, so I get my package without having to pay for it.


I’m not sure if the Lion’s Mane is helping my voices. They already were pretty quiet but noticable at times, and when there’s no music going on they start mumbling away quietly.

I’ll finish the bottle, and if there’s no serious change I’ll go back to Amyloban 3399.


@naturallycured, is Amylobann 3399 supposed to boost hand/eye coordination? We went to the archery range for a couple of hours this evening and I was on fire, even got a Robin Hood. REALLY had a good feel for my aim. Just amazing.


Im almost on board with this amyloban, whats the cheapest so far and what are some derivative names.