A supplement that may have put my schizophrenia in remission


Ordered a bottle… hope it helps with something


Guys it’s not “either/or” for supplements and ap’s. Everyone agrees take your ap first and then supplements may be able to help on top of that. But I’m skeptical that this could be a cure because wouldn’t doctors know it was a cure and recommend it to everybody? A cure for sz would be huge in the medical community and we’d all know.


Anyone heard of the mushroom theory to explain human brain developement.

Basic idea is that when humans were migrating out of Africa they followed game. A lot of mushrooms grow on game dung. The theory goes the regular use of certain mushrooms may have kickstarted neurogensis in early humans


Yeah, the “Stoned Ape” theory of human evolution. It’s an interesting angle.

@Skatchatoon, this supplement and the studies conducted are fairly new. They’ve only been out for maybe 3 years.


I would try it but I can’t justify the cost. I don’t hear voices either. My symptoms are good and I’m pretty stable. Wish something worked for delusions.

Anyways good luck. I already spend too much money on stuff.


I plan to stay on my AP and won’t change the dose without prior discussion and agreement with the pdoc.

Doubting it will be a cure or that I’ll see much from it at all, but it’s worth a shot.


Yes my author/lecturer of choice Terence McKenna claims invention to this theory.


Did you ever hear that Jim Carey was gonna play him in a movie?


Yeah it’s newish news I thought it’s still possible maybe. Well either way cool that Jim Carrey is finding his spiritual side!! After being a comedian in a funny mindstate all the time for so long.


I just googled it. Supposedly Jim Carrey playing Terence McKenna is fake news. However I think Jim really has shown an interest in him


Jim Carrey finding his spiritual side was for the worse, tbh. He comes off as completely insane. Nobody can understand what he’s talking about these days and it’s all New Age and mystical mumbo jumbo.


I ordered it because it might be able to help with mental function and fatigue and desire to be social. I would never stop my AP I’m way too scared for my positive symptoms to relapse. Told my mom about it too and she ordered a bottle for age related mental decline. Let’s cross our fingeres and hope we get positive results like @naturallycured


@MrSquirrel that’s it…yes I quit smoking and I’m on day 11. you aren’t my friend anymore.


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@jukebox I’m not advising people to stop taking their APs independently, this is only for breakthrough symptoms. If someone were to experience an appreciable reduction of positives, they would have to see a doctor to taper down if they felt it necessary.

Your heart is in the right place though, it is good to be skeptical of any such claims. Without that skepticism we’d be in some dark ages.


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theres no magic pill to cure schizophrenia. Every case is different and needs to be assessed on an individual basis. AP’s are usually the go to until you figure out the underlying problem and address it fully e.g. therapy, allergies, infections, social stress, trauma, poor social skills etc. which can take decades to address. IMO AP’s are not the FIX though…just a cast for a broken mind until it heals naturally.

Bad “breaks” absolutely need a cast (AP’s) , minor fractures might just need a splint (suppliments). Do whatever works for you…


Antipsychotics are pretty important. The study that had someone go from 62 (moderately ill) on the PANSS score to 30 (totally normal) was conducted on someone who continued to take his 5 mg of Zotepine even after the reduced PANSS score.


I was having smooth sailing until hearing news that a former love interest was getting married, and that just exemplified how empty my life was and stressed me out pretty badly. Voices became audible for a while. It’s the next day now and I’m back to how it was before the news, symptom wise.