A summation of tricks to put psychosis in its place

Two phrases. Psychotic Scenario. Psychotic Focus.

The psychotic scenario is the fictional belief your mind wants you to hold to be true. Whether it’s delusions of grandeur or a persecution complex or even spiritual scenarios. Your voices and hallucinations and errant thinking will continue to try and drive you to believe it is real. The more you pay attention to the SZ the more ways its going to find away to “graft” itself further into your mind. SZ is like parasitic pathways that seemingly “want” to survive. Created out of fear and belief in unreality or past trauma, your mind has hallucinated an external entity so strongly that it wants to be a permanent. This doesn’t apply to all cases of SZ, but it’s a perspective worth looking at.

The way to escape this psychotic scenario is to break the psychotic focus which keeps you thinking about it. The psychotic focus is just that internal mix of fear/curiosity/lack of understanding which keeps your mind defaulting back to you having SZ and you wondering why you do and the simple tendency to belief that you can learn this distant answer through listening and interacting with your voices.

It is a neurological illness. You have it for no good reason. If you want to return to normality you have to learn to see the world normally again, and that is done by seeing past the illness.

The real bugger is the misinterpretation of real events and real sounds. The mind can misinterpret as easily as it can hallucinate. The muffled TV from the neighbors apartment sounds like its talking about you… It’s not. Same with the girl upstairs on her phone talking late into the night. They have totally normal human lifes like you had before your illness set in. They likely don’t know you and wouldn’t be concerned with you anyway.

Here are the real tricks to breaking the cognitive hold that the embedded counter-conscious of SZ will try and maintain.

  • Fight the distraction. If you start thinking along a normal line, if your psychosis is like mine it will be quick to distract you so it can maintain its dominance by reestablishing the psychotic focus. You have to learn to maintain your train of thought in the noise.

  • Never leave a normal train of though unfinished. If you do get derailed to argue with the voices or to defend yourself. Give yourself a chance to sit and try to look back over your recent thoughts to make sure you had finished thinking about what you wanted to think about. If there is anything there finish out the normal trains of thought.

The more you normalize your world-view the easier it is to have normal thoughts. The easier it is to have normal thoughts the easier it is to maintain a non-psychotic focus. With access to a non-psychotic focus you will cripple the belief system that underpins the voice characters.

It’s tough. The crap can be so convincing. You gotta let go of it though. There isn’t a mystery you are going to solve about the world via psychosis. In fact, the only one you can solve for yourself is how to get out of it.

MAKE MORE NOISE THAN THE VOICES. You’re a human being. You deserve to be holding the reigns in your brain.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is excellent. Look into that as well.

Take care folks.

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Sounds very well thought out. I’m going to attempt to employ these measures. Although sz will battle me for supremacy on this one, I know already. Good on you for doing the legwork on this. Thanks @Azley.

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Your sz will believe itself to be what you believe it to be… only if its in there deep enough its gonna to try and have a say.

The thing is though. While the SZ’s logic grows. As a human you can grow much faster. It’s all based off you and your past. Know thyself, love thyself, and don’t feed the SZ.

There’s no design, your flaws are fine.

and thanks @Gir

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