A stupid question about housing

For you guys who live in supported housing. Are you allowed to have a vehicle? I may have to move out of the garage at my mom’s place but I don’t know if I could go without a car to go to doctors appointments or whatever. I don’t know much about these places. Thanks for any info!

What do you mean by supported housing? I have Federal Section 8 Voucher. I live in the community. I have a vehicle.


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Maybe I mean section 8. I actually heard about it on this forum, not an ALF, but a place you rent and they change you 1/3 of your income. I thought it was called supported housing, sorry, like I said, I don’t know much about it and I can’t find much info online.

The support system in the USA is unwieldy and cumbersome. Get networked locally, I advise.

When I was 30 years old and ready to leave my parents, I looked around for housing vouchers. Through the local Housing Authority, I got on the list for State Vouchers and Federal Vouchers. Because the State Voucher came up first, I took state housing, Eventually I thought it would be better to get Federal Housing. For example, I may want to move to Florida some day.

It is hard to find a housing authority with an open waiting list. You may need help finding such a place. If you want to do it yourself, look in the white pages of the phone book. Pick your own town, which might be “Smallsville” and look for a listing for “Smallsville Housing Authority”. Call them and ask your questions. Tell them you’re disabled and want housing, Ideally you want to get on a waiting list for a Section 8 Voucher. Then, call twenty more housing authorities using the phone book. They’ll probably tell you that their waiting list is closed and they don’t know when the list will open. Call back, they’ll advise.

When I had that experience I went to the local Organization for the Rights of the Disabled. I found them through the phone book, but made an appointment and went in person. A counselor there eventually lead me to get on the waiting lists of about eight housing authorities in this county. When one opened up, Voila!

Good luck!