A stranger guy


I’m here because i’m psychotic too. Schizo affective.
I just want to discuss with English speakers because I am not. I am stabilized, i take medication. I’m french, near Paris.
Well, I want to practice and progress in English.
I hope I will not forget this topic tomorrow because it is a possibility.

Reading, playing music, walking (not on the moon) , watching serials and movies are my hobbies.

A bientôt ! See you soon.


Welcome to the forum :sunny:

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I have an interview on Monday with a company headquartered in France and they sent me a confirmation for my interview in Central European time.

I had to google that to figure out what time that was in America. The job is in the US though but has a lot of traveling.


Thanks a lot…
English google board is fabulous. Really easy to tape.
Don’t try in french without french dictionary, you’ll become crazy :frowning:

(Oh I forgot i have no job)



Hello, thanks !

Your contacts in that company are not very trustworthy.
I hope you’ll get the job.

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Thanks. I probably won’t get the job but I get a lot of interviews though.

It’s at 740 pm Paris time. That’s 1240 pm where I am. Thank god for google or I would be lost in the sauce.

Good luck with the interview.

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Welcome! Please make yourself at home and ask away any questions you might have. Or at least that’s what I do. We’re all friendly here, especially me!

Anything on your mind?

Thank you Bond.
I can see that the members here are all very friendly, indeed.
I’m just a little bit tired because it’s late here.

See you maybe tomorrow or another day !

Bye !

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Welcome to the forum!!!

Welcome, I hope you enjoy your stay

Thank you pianogal and Twialine !

Welcome to the forum. Would love to visit france one day when I got the money. How long have you had schizophrenia

Hi ! :slight_smile:

My troubles started during highschool and after that at university.
I did not finish university because of that.
I tried many treatments including abilify, etc etc… (I don’t know equivalent names)
Now it’s risperidone, lamotrigine , lithium, and sertraline.)

You know I rarely go to Paris because of anxiety but Paris is not far for me.

Where do you live ?

See ya !

Try puting @ before our username it’ll send us a notification that you’re talking to us

I love in South Africa, Im also on risperidone its a very effective drug but going to try change to Abilify. But have had no schizophrenic symptoms on risperidone

Welcome to the szc forum :innocent:

@DetunedGuitar. Use the @ in front of the user’s name if you want to talk to someone specific. Je suis @Loke

I just posted this because this dude is from Paris


@MisterCrowley I tried abilify once it was horrible ! Anxiety, restlessness etc.
I prefer risperidone.

Yesterday a friend who doesn’t really know schizophrenia told me that my troubles were noticeable/apparent (I don’t know the correct word for that.). Since then, I think about it a lot.
In fact, they are not noticeable when I’m fine.

@anon90843118 thanks !

Loke, this guy is funny… my cat is not so smart :sweat_smile:

As a new member, I can’t @ more than 2 nicknames.

Bye !

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