A start of something usual

The Start of Something Unusual.

‘Stop it!’ shouted Rachael from the room. ‘I’m fed up of this! Why do you follow me? What did I do wrong!?’ As she shouted the room fell silent and all she could see was the shadows of a once unknown fear. ‘I know who you are’ she shouted, ‘I know where you are, And if I have to kill me to kill you I will!’ A strong voice spoke. ‘You will never get rid of us Rachael we are in your head; we will stay with you for a long time’
No! Rachael screamed ‘I won’t let you!’ She picked up the bottle of pills she had been building for a long time. ‘You think you can kill us like that’ it laughed ‘you don’t have a chance, love. We think you should die best place for you’
Rachael looked around the room. Looking for a window to throw herself out off, a blade to cut her self with, a wall to knock herself out with, anything to stop the voices. Anything to stop this! She started to panic and get angry. ‘We’re watching you’ the voice shouted. Then they all spoke ‘we can see you always, you should die, go on’ they taunted, urging her to do something. ‘Go on make our day, you know you want to’ the voices giggled and laughed, they where taunting her. The room started to spin as Rachael panicked, unsure of what way to turn. She ran to the door trying to escape. She got to the bath room and looked in the mirror. She looked straight in to her eyes. She was scared, afraid of what she could do. All she wanted was to escape but they were there. Talking, chanting, screaming, shouting, and crying!
She held her breath and took out the razor. ‘Go on, do it, die bitch die’ the first voice shouted over the others fighting. ‘I won’t let you beat me, not like this!’ she screamed, dropping the cold steel blade. She watched it as it fell almost wishing it was her body falling and breaking. She had to stop this she ran to her room and slammed the door.
She got under the covers of her bed and prayed to god it would go away, prayed to god it would stop, she shouted above the voices hoping someone could hear her prayer, hoping someone could save her!


wow, very action packed and powerful.

It’s a bit like a dramatic depiction of what I fear I might do and what I fear the voices might become. I like it.