A smile is better than a stylish outfit

As I grew older and had better understanding of people, I now value the appropriate talking more than clothings. I konw in social interactions good behaviors such as smile, politeness and showing empathy are more attractive and vivid than wearing a stylish outfit.

So I now spent much less money in clothes but I kept learning, especially reading psychology articles and books.

what you said to the people is usually more important than what you wore to show the people around you.


I def agree a genuine smile goes a long way… When people do that to me on the street it feels nice. Likewise to empathy n politeness. But I can do this stuff in even more confidence wearing the right clothes :slight_smile:


I believe what you wear during certain occasions, situations or places matter. Your form of dress is a presentation of yourself to people. For example a man wearing a suit compared to another man wearing sweatpants and a hooded sweater. There are perceptions of how we see these two people.

But I agree what we say also must be taken into account. Also vocabulary, behavioral movement, facial expression and eye contact are important too.


I like the idea of @green5 to gain better understanding of people.

I learned that what we say and how we say it are equally important. There is more to that, like body language or non-verbal gestures.

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I have bookmarked this thread as it is very appealing.

OP has achieved what ordinary people were unable to achieve in her first language skill. It will be a bonus for @green5 to master her second language in term of vocabulary. I agree with you that proper social etiquette is important. :+1:

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