A small dilemma

Sooo I need Ativan to help me with the crash I get from my Zoloft (it works wonderfully during the day and is a great help but then it wears off or something and all my symptoms come rushing back only worse and I will physically tremble, almost sliced up my leg because of it)

Unfortunately I realized I also need Ativan to help me sleep at night. I was hoping Abilify could act as a replacement, but it can’t. My insomnia is back, as well as the constant waking up to every little thing. Mild PTSD symptoms though, so that’s good, but with the Ativan I had none.

Now the problem is I’m only supposed to take 1 mg a day, and I don’t want to take more than 1 mg a day because benzos and addiction and whatnot. But really I need 2 a day, until I’m stable on the Zoloft. And I really have no idea what to do about night time, I feel sort of hopeless there. Benzos have been the only thing that can get me through it as of yet. (And I’ve tried all manner of sleep aids, natural and unnatural.)

Also I’m mildly concerned my Zoloft is getting less effective? Because it used to wear off after 5, 6 hours but now it wears off in half that time. I’m not sure what to do about this, I guess I’m not on the proper dosage of it yet. (I’m only on 75 mg and from what I’ve seen typical dosage is 100-150.)

Aside from all that though I’m doing quite well so this is really just me griping, haha. I’ve been genuinely happy for the these past few days for the first time in a month, I’m starting to regain interest in actually doing things for fun, and yada yada the list of improvements continues. Anyways anyone have any advice for me?

You should have confidence that your sz can be cured. I have 12+ years sz history. I have got sz at 21 years old.

Not really. When’s your next pdoc appointment?

Zoloft has a relative short half life inside the body it doesn’t build up in the body as much as Prozac and other drugs. If your body processes it too fast, maybe you need an extended release dose or a drug with a longer half life. Definitely talk to your doctor about your concerns, and definitely DONT take more than the prescribed amount of Benzos.

Split the pill into 2x 0.5mg chunks and take that.

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This week. I already emailed her. By advice I guess I just meant if anyone experienced anything similar.

Actually that’s a really good idea, thank you. Wait except the reason I switched from .5 mg was because it stopped having any effect though so I dunno if that would help o.o

With the benzos, I agree with cj, don’t mess with the prescription.

Lol I’m so paranoid about becoming addicted to benzos, and I’m on 1 mg and then I see things from people online like “So I took my 25 mg Ativan today” and I’m like oh dang

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@Anna If you are going to be on a benzo, you might want to talk to your doctor to switch to one with a longer half life than ativan, like klonopin or valium. I have heard of people taking ativan up to four times a day so they do not get interdose withdrawal. Just a thought.

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Ugh I wanna get off the dumb benzos not start another one. But yeah she switched me off Xanax to Ativan because Ativan had a longer half life than that. (Not that I ever took the Xanax, was too paranoid at time) Anyways she got my email and said we’ll talk about dosages next session so that’s good. Hopefully all will be well again.