A Slightly Simplistically Complicated Problem

Define Schizophrenia , Dear Sir (OR) Madam - ^ Thread Title Perhaps ^

If YOU , Yes You , Were to Define Your Daily Struggles as a Way to Accept , ACCEPT , Help , in a Simplistic Fashion of Hope For Your Future , How Would You Define Such (???)

first and most awful; subversion of reality and normality in a bad way.
second and less awful; depression.

Hmm , Wouldn’t One Be Able to Saye that Your Expression of (“bad” way) Positive and Negative (“bad” way) Can Be Included Into an " Opinion " Category (???)


Your Adjustment of tha Start of Someone Elses Opinion On Your Reality Clicker (by) Saying “subversion” (by) Pushing an Individual Towards tha Medical Castles Where tha Word “delusion” Already States that Someones Individualistic Opinion May Be “incorrect” Before Someone Trots Towards Their Solid Foundation of Individuality With Their Magnitude of Individualistic Perception … … … ,

Yay / Nay (???)

Maybe but the “bad” comes with a “bad” feeling, so its bad. like having toothache is bad.

also its a “subversion” of reality because i got used to a rational world and the destruction was only made possible because i am familiar with normal reality. so the thing that i was revealed at the age of 23 was a total subversion of what i used to know.

if somebody was born schizophrenic then he wouldnt know the difference, i guess.

Here Ye Here Ye … ,

Ok On a More Serious Level … ,

These Words Are Glittering (from what e(Y)e quoted) , In a “bad” Way , From My Perspective … ,

“rational” - “familiar” - & - “normal”

Ok ,

On that Sketch e(Y)e Personally Fynde that As Those Within a 1% Category of Humanistic Qualities , Would You Change Anything Within Your “reality” to Make it “better” Evn if it Disagreed With tha 99% of “normal” “reality” (???)

I dont want to insult your style of communication, but its kind of hard to understand you, when you write that way.

Yes, there are many things, that could go against 99% of humanity and i would be okay with that. Some religions are like that. Christianity started as a 1% sect and “subverted” the roman state.

Or business deals, of which 99% of people dont benifit. Like weapons trading.


(BRB) Gotta Grab a Beer … ,

Question Sorta STILL Stands Tho … ,

Perhaps thus As Clearer For Clearer Understanding … ,

What Would You Change (if you don’t mynde me asking) … … …

To @eiskalt

i wouldnt mind having a relationship with some god nobody else is familiar with, can hear or see.
that was basically part of my schizophrenia already though. except that this god / voices i have grown acustomed to are totally annoying disrespectful assholes.

A Subject e(Y)e Am Completely Comfortable With … ,

God Once Said to Me ,

" I am not mad at you , do your thing , hi. "

So Perhaps Such a Such Can Enlighten You Yourself an Awareness of His Temper Towards Those Dealing With Daily Struggles Evn Down to Each and Every Passing Second … ,

Off Topic Slightly … ,

But Thaz Such Doesn’t Bother Me . At . All .

What beer are you drinking, if you dont mind asking?

It’s Naught tha Beer Yo Yo … ,

Tis’nt Any Good Tho , Tossed it Out … ,

e(Y)e Skipped it to An Energy Drank Drank … … …

Ah its fine. I just thought of asking you if budweiser is any good, compared to other beers? Cause they are selling Budweiser here in germany this week, which is very unusual to see american beer in the supermarket. i was wondering if i should buy a 6-pack. is it worth it or would you call budweiser a “pisswasser”?

e(Y)e Used to (back in tha dizzie) Drink Plenty of Bud , but After Being in a Coma and Such e(Y)e Can’t Drink Cheap Beer Anymore … ,

Tis a Sad Tale of Beautiful Women and Music , With a Happi Nonsensical Ending , To Be Continued of Course … … …

But it’s Alright , Go Fo It Yo … … … (2)

thanks. perhaps i will try it out.

No Problemo Senor … ,

You l(Y)Ke tha White Stripes (???)

(Part 2) - (Possibly) - (TBC) - (Part 2)

So to Put Confusion Into a Coma ,

What Does Schizophrenia Mean to You (???)


What Could Help (???) … ,

Be it a Dream , Fantasy , Realistic Goal , Where Do You Whanna Go (???) … … …