A simple maths speed test

The questions are very easy . It’s all about how fast you react/being a quick typist helps too. My reaction time has never been good .


Wow fire monkey that’s a great score. I seem to get around 50-55

A Math ability genetic model from Geneplaza . To be taken with a large pinch of salt. It really overrates my ability .

Are you on a computer. I’m on a phone. It seemed I got them really quick. Most problems I got in around 1.3 seconds maybe it’d be slightly faster on a computer. And would make a huge difference

I’m on a computer. Those with fast reactions/typing speed will do better than those like me who are the opposite even if the maths ability is very similar.

Another try.


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Practice makes more perfect .


I can solve them quick but ma fingers is slooow :smile:

I’ve got 46…welp.

I keep getting around 44

However I’m 2nd in my city all time

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My fingers are as slow as a turtle that’s been given sleeping tablets.

Not evidently lol

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I found some of the questions got harder when I tried it again so thy score was going down lol

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I’m pretty sure I thought that last one said 9 X 2 and I wrote 18 o well :confused:

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I got flustered when it got to questions like 3576 -1892 . Kept mistaking minuses for pluses and vice versa .

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What was your speed on a question like that?

I would of gone 3576 - 2000 + 100 + 8

I can’t see my times as the times are padlocked . I guess because I’ve done my quota for a non member.

This is my score for the harder one


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