A simple and effective expert system for schizophrenia detection

A new software program being developed and tested in India:

The opinion of a qualified professional is unlikely to be replaced by a computer algorithm for the diagnosis of schizophrenia. However, additional medical evidence based on such an algorithm might be useful in early diagnosis, according to work published in the International Journal of Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications.

Pawan Kumar Singh and Ram Sarkar of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, at Jadavpur University, in West Bengal, India, explain how expert systems, usually reserved for problem solving, might also be useful in medical diagnostics, particularly in psychiatry. They explain how schizophrenia is such a complex and debilitating mental disorder with a wide spectrum of symptoms, reflecting cognitive, emotional, perceptual disturbances as well as problems with motor processes.

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Research Paper:

Singh, P.K. and Sarkar, R. (2015) ‘A simple and effective expert system for schizophrenia detection’, Int. J. Intelligent Systems Technologies and Applications, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp.27-49.


Sounds interesting and a little scary. It might reduce the potential for abuse, though people could learn to manipulate it.

I suspect all of these software based systems will just act as a first level screener to help in areas where there is a lack of doctors / psychiastrists - to then be confirmed by a psychiatrist.

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Sounds like a real possibility.