A sign from my father

I have truly experienced providence.

I was laying in my bed one night and I heard something fall in my other room, didn’t pass any heed on it.

Got up the next morning and went in to get dressed and seen cow 699s tag lying on the ground. I had gone through a lot with that cow when she had a big calf and was paralysed and stayed down for six weeks, eventually I had to put her down which was a release for her, I picked grasss for her every morning always making sure she was comfortable too and tried my absolute best for her, it was a lot of labour.

Anyway I kept her tag and put it up on my wall to remember her. Recently I was unsure whether I should farm or not and I believe this is a sign from my father that I should keep farming because he seen how well I took care of 699 and she is with him.

I also had a similar sign in hospital when I was going through photos just before the voices would start and I zoomed in on one photo and there she was standing in the background with the sun beaming behind her, I believe that was a sign too.

What do you guys think,?


I believe in these signs.

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I think I do as well, that tag never fell off the wall before, it’s been up there since 2017

follow your heart


Just got another sign from my father or The IRA not sure, I was scrolling up and it landed on a post saying, I am right there with you.

Sounds very delusional.

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In what way is the cow with your father?

Because she’s dead and so is my father

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@timtak 151515142433

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@anon47167357 I have had similar experiences. I was laying on the couch one night, I had burned some papers in the fireplace about 4 hours earlier. I was thinking about my life, and I thought to myself, I don’t have to be the man that my mother expected me to become. I am just me.

The paper burst into flames as soon as I had this thought, and burned for a good minute. I definitely took this as a sign from her … It’s about letting my childhood go I think

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