A short introduction + some artwork

Hello, I was diagnosed last year and found this forum today!

Thought I would upload some artwork I produced as something that’s easier on the eyes, than a rant is to read!

Hope to get talking on here, it would be cool to make some friends with new people, with similar experiences or ambitions!


Welcome! Awesome artwork! You mind I make it my wallpaper?

Hello psychololological ! Welcome to the forum!

Thanks! :smile: you are more than welcome to!

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Thanks everhopeful. Do people use names on here?.. If so, Pad is a shorter version of mine, looks funny seeing a whole username :laughing:

Well thanks Pad :slight_smile: It’s now set as my phone’s wallpaper :relaxed:

I’m off for the day! Hope you enjoy the forum and stick around

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No, 99.9% don’t use names, just usernames. You get used to it quite quickly though.

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Your username is great! The artwork is beautiful.

I hope you enjoy yourself here.


Welcome! We are glad to welcome you to the coolest part of the Internet! I like your artwork. Bright colors speak to me. Do you have more?

Hello and Thanks! I only have one more picture currently, I only started doing artwork again in the middle of last year, but I plan to do more.


Excellent art :slight_smile: welcome to our community. I hope you find it as helpful as i have :slight_smile: I’ll share my art with you too… Im learning animation and my character is gonna benefit from my drawings soon to come I’ll import

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Thanks! Look forward to seeing some! I used to use Macromedia Flash, but I was naff at computer drawing, although I did know my way around the coding side of it. What do you use?

Beautiful! You have talent.


Hello! Welcome to the forum! My name is Cat faced baby chicken ina hat hehe. Love the artwork by the way! :heart:


I used adobe flash for a bit but im using anime studio now. Its an awesome app for pretty cheap

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Thanks for posting your artwork. Nice to look at. Glad to have you here.

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Man, that first picture was a little mind-■■■■■■■. Made me feel weird. That is some potent work you have there…welcome and I hope you find your way around here, there is lots of this and that, but if you are looking for something, if you search it on the engine here, you will probably find it.

Well, I should point out, you must be well along your way in recovery to have produced professional work like that and your rhetoric is also an indicator that you are more fortunate in your journey with this horrific illness. Check out the recovery and health forum on here, there are many like you who are more recovery-oriented and less misery-oriented. Just pointing that out because you can learn from people on here who have been there and done that, also because recovery is the way to go according to the experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, law, medicine, you name it, there are some who are psychologists, psychiatrists, professors who have schizophrenia themselves. They all say that recovery is the best course of action in peer-reviewed journals. Last but not least, it is inspiring to see people with what we struggle with do well.

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Can I call you sunshine instead!? haha

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Meh. Okay! :joy:

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Hi Pad, welcome to the forum.

You are a very talented artist. You have created such beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them.