A short essay. (with religious figuration)

The world is small even though it is populous

Imagine we are living in the house of a mighty, wealthy yet lovingly master.
The occupants at the upper floor of the double-story house are the slaves of the master.
Meanwhile the occupants at the lower floor are also slaves of the master, but they also fight among themselves. Peace at the upper floor because everyone there obey their master’s instruction. Chaos at the lower floor because there are good slaves and bad slaves, and moreover, the good ones united among themselves but the bad ones scattered throughout the house and the garden outside the house.
One day, the master warns the bad slave that they must become good slave again in order to stay at home. For the peace of good slaves, these bad slaves must be removed.
We are the God’s family as one. The world is small even though it is populous. Seek no where, come back to the master, for we are One family.

Imagine there is no master and we are not slaves.

From I see, every buyer has a seller, every house has a constructor, every car has a maker, every son or daughter has a father and a mother, every consequence has a cause, and, every creature has a …? You name it. :blush:

I don’t really want to argue religion with you but I will ask you one question: Where did your God come from? If he doesn’t fit into your little “house - constructor” idea then nothing does.

Since you asked, I will answer.

God has no beginning, and has no ending.

since this forum is about schizophrenia, and is on the Internet, I will talk less about religion from now on.

There we go. That wasn’t hard.

Acknowledged with thanks.

While I am a nihilistic atheist as the best approach I found to coping with life in general that has been handed to me and I don’t agree with it, this was actually posted in the creativity section so I can’t say @Plumber was wrong for posting it.

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I sometimes have posted religious things in the unusual belief.
I think religion is very important when we are fighting Satan on earth.
And I think demons can torment people with sz, but my pdoc doesn’t believe that.
I think Jesus could drive demons out of people as mentioned in the bible.

Psychiatrists aren’t supposed to actually try to treat what other people see as religious delusions, as a state psychiatrist explained on YouTube, because for all he knows the belief could actually be true.