A secret desire to be a stripper

like a confident daredevil.


I got to be a stripper this summer. Stripped and put new stain on our dining room table.



and then you clothed her in a new table cloth, no doubt.

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We don’t do clothes around here!


Pay isn’t that great :joy:


how funny…I used to go to strip bars back in the eighties before they banned below the waist nudity…it was fine, fine, fine…and I sat in the front row every time…haha


I was a bad stripper.

I didn’t like it because I felt like an empty piece of meat. And I didn’t feel good.

Like someone else was making my bod do it but it wasn’t my aura and spirit as such as I didn’t feel like myself.

I didn’t make enough money to live independently.
Didn’t make enough to pay rent even .

The other girls were scammers and hustlers and I wasn’t.
They would drug a man and do anything for money and I wouldn’t.
They had no conscience or morals about it.

They also knew how to talk and dominate men to give them money .

I looked like such an idiot.
Humiliating and degrading because wasn’t me as such even and I was not popular and couldn’t make enough to support myself even.

If I was myself and comfortable and making enough to support myself and live comfortably then it’s different.

Anyway it wasn’t a good experience for me.


I DJed in a couple. Interesting job for sure.


I’m glad my wishes never got any further than fantasy. But playing the piano can feel like being in a gymnasium, so if I really let go, I’m just being a clothed stripper. lol
I’m glad you don’t have to be a stripper anymore. Did you get some financial aid?

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Thank you @PinCushion :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m thankfully on the disability pension now.


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