A season of rain and litchi

This is the rainy season in June-July down here in Southeast China. Warm and rainy. Everywhere is wet yet the warmth makes this rainy season refreshing and lovely. Lots of fruit ripe during this period. Among them the best one is litchi. Litchi is juicy and delicious with a beautiful color of pink. It’s on sale in the shops at a price of 1.5 US dollars per kilo. I love this special rainy season with such delectably fruit. Life is so beautiful and blessed !


I saw some of those in the grocery store the other day.

I like your title. Do you ever try your hand at poetry?

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How cool is that? A season of rain and litchi. It’s hot in Auburn. Summertime.

Auburn, CA?

@green5 Aw…those fruit sounds so neat, I want to try some, but I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any around here, can you describe the flavor? Sweet? Sour? Tangy? Subtle?
I love a warm rain. To bad we are in a drought right now, and very rarely does it sprinkle one day between may and october!

Because of rain, the temperature here is about 80 degrees, not hot, just warm.

The flavor of the litchi is moderately sweet yet subtle. It is called the “queen of fruit” by Chinese. I’d like to sit with you tasting the litchis.

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Thank you, patch. Doing poetry in English is very hard for me as English is my second language, but I’d like to have a try. (-:

Thank you for posting this, greenlife! I’ve never seen it before.

I will be there tomorrow, is that too soon? :smile::smiley::grinning:

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I’ve never had one. But I just saw a rainbow because of the weather. God bless.

No problem, I still have some in the fridge. (-:

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