A screenshot that sums me up at the moment

Here’s a list of audiobooks I’m listening to. It’s a screenshot I took as a definite pattern has emerged. I don’t have the concentration to read but that hasn’t stopped me from listening to audiobooks though.

As you can see my interests at the moment are books about out-of-body experiences (also called astral projection) and the afterlife. I don’t know if the afterlife exists though :confused: but I’m still interested in it.


Oh man be careful with that stuff!! It’s dangerous!!!


Your interests are not what anyone could call mundane. Just a warning that you need to keep your feet on the ground.

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Oh man, all those books would trigger my sz! I’m getting triggered just reading the titles, lol!

Yes, be careful, we have to remember that astral stuff leads to delusions about other things for many sz’s.

Great to see you’ve found audiobooks, though! I should try that, too! :smiley:


Where do you source your podcasts?

For me the occult was a phase. Like a 4 year phase. But I really got bored of it. Feel so much better since stopping it!! But not everyone is so fortunate ?? Like john Nash was obsessed with numerology for a long time. I hope u overcome your intrigue to dangerous subjects sooner than later!

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It’s actually Amazon Audible. It’s a paid-for audiobook service. My podcasts are similar though!

I also create my own audiobooks using an android app called “@voice”. It speaks aloud pdf files etc into an audio file. And I listen to those audio files in an app called “material player” (another android app).


oh boy, are these your poems!!!


In the future, you will be able to rap into a microphone and it will change ur voice. Someone told me such a program exists but I can’t find a good one. If I could change my voice a lot. I could become ten different rap stars. Well I can work on my own voice but if I could change it now I’d feel more confident in my abilities. It would be cool :sunglasses:. Sorry to get off topic but ur post reminded me of that.

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I’m very interested in these types of things as well. I find I don’t have the motivation to really read about it anymore but the afterlife and enlightenment are two of the main things I’m interested in right now.

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Haha no. More of the same as above. There’s lots of legitimately free pdfs on the internet about those subjects. So I convert the interesting ones to audiobooks.

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WHY DO YOU TAUNT ME? I was about to ask where to purchase it from! I’m seriously disappointed with this news. I was hoping for a read-aloud poetry jam!

From the bottom of my heart, make audiobooks of your poems and put them on amazon or somewhere so I can buy it! must be under 12 dollars though, I’m broke

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Aw geez. That’s a really nice compliment! Thanks.

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Lol I just posted about something similar haha.

It is interesting… I stay away from most of this stuff as they are triggering for me… but none the less interesting

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What’s the buzz with astral projection? An in depth meditation practice can achieve this, however, separating yourself from the I is not such a great achievement and people have trouble attaching themselves again which is why it is so dangerous.

This process isn’t so miraculous as the mind does it automatically in times of trauma. The reptillian mind takes over and ‘protects’ you, or the sense of I. It doesn’t give you a high or happy. Perhaps, this interest in separating from yourself is what you want to do as your life circumstance maybe not so healthy, but it is no escape, which is what you do with alcohol or drugs or even suicide.

I believe no one can escape as the multiverse theorum and quantum immortatlity attests. The only respite you may find form this earthly existence isn’t in astral projection, but in meditation and being present for it.

A few weeks of meditation which astral projection appeals could make phenomenal changes to your life. It grows the amygdala and heals the brain. The meditation of 2x20 mins a day is the escape while being present that changes you. No, you don’t escape this world or yourself, but perception changes.

Astral projection is an escape and a dangerous one at that.

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are these stuff helping you in any way?

I find them comforting to listen to. I’m a bit crazy so it’s nice to hear experiences etc. from other people who aren’t crazy but still have crazy experiences.

I understand that those subjects aren’t for everybody though.

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