A scene from my novel: A bad dream 3

Okay for those who want to see my progress, this is a fun scene for me. The main character Heather has finally accepted that there is an afterlife, but she doesn’t fully believe in the supernatural. She has inherited a farmhouse from her birth parents, and after spending all morning getting to the house, then touring the property she falls asleep in one of the bedrooms and has a bad dream.

As soon as her eyes closed she dozed off, but it wasn’t a comfortable sleep; she kept hearing noises in the thought to be empty house. A few of the louder bangs and crashes she thought she should get up and check on it, but she asked herself what good would it do to run up and down the stairs every time I hear a noise?

Eventually after she thought she couldn’t get herself to sleep she got up and walked over to the window just looking out at the country and small cemetery that surrounded her house. Who would have ever thought I’d own a house in the country…next to a cemetery of all places? She sighed and as she started to turn to go downstairs for a drink she noticed movement in the cemetery.

Is the graveyard haunted? She wondered with a frown, but this wasn’t typical ghosts floating around, the Earth above the headstone seemed to be rumbling. Could it be an Earth, yet brushed the idea off when she couldn’t feel the shaking in the bedroom. Then to her surprise arms started to claw at the sky, and bodies began to climb out of their final resting places.

Heather’s mouth dropped open, this can’t be real, I know zombies aren’t real! She rubbed her head, in a world with ghosts, and demon’s could zombies really be real? She closed her eyes and shook her head, no that’s just stupid! But there they were crawling out of their graves, some horribly mangled looking corpses, their skins appeared a dull grayish color, even the darker skinned people looked dull in color. Skin had been decaying leaving holes in various places showing the bones underneath. Hair on the creatures was all matted and messy filled with dirt and they had bugs and worms crawling all over them.

They stumbled around mindlessly before something catches their attention and turn towards the house. Heather knew what she was seeing couldn’t be real, it just couldn’t be. Yet she couldn’t walk away, like watching a horrible car accident on the side of the rode or an overly stupid movie and rather than shutting it off you sit there and mock it with your friends. Only she wasn’t mocking the zombies. She stumbled backwards almost tripping on the rocking chair.

She was regaining her balance when she saw a shadowy image of an elderly woman’s feet stand below her, the rest of the body began to form itself, swirling from the ground up. She reached out at Heather holding her arms as the Zombies were causing Heather to fall back.

As she felt glass against her back and hearing it shatter Heather jumped up in bed breathing hard ready to let out scream. Her pulse was racing and her breathing quickened, but she closed her eyes and tried to stop her body from quiver, it was just a dream Heather. She scolded herself. She looked out the steamed up window, wondering what could have caused the steam and walked over to it. She glanced outside, the sun was beginning to set, yet everything outside looked as it should. Nothing moved, the ground wasn’t shaking and there weren’t any zombies coming after her.

The rocking chair next to her began to lightly rock back and forth making Heather step to the side and lean up against the wall next to the window. Do I want to see what’s rocking? Heather thought about it, but shook her head no, she quickly made her way downstairs and started rummaging through the fridge trying to figure out what she can make herself to settle her now growling stomach.

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It’s great that you’re able to write. I find it hard to drum up the motivation to do it. Reading this scene from your novel makes me want to try my hand at a short story. Keep it up. :+1:

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