A riddle mindfu**

A person was 15 years old in 1990, in 1995 he was 10 years old.
Do not google y’all cheaters!

Time travel.

That’s an easy one.

If I could time travel I certainly wouldn’t go just five years back…or forward :thinking:
I would go in Victorian era to be a courtesan and troll the conventions…perhaps got jailed and be dead pretty soon.

BC years count down AD years count up…

Oh nice guess, wrong though.

It’s time travel.

You are all wrong


Lol were both right… If I was 10 in 1995 bc I would be 15 in 1990 bc… If I was 10 in 1995 and time traveled back to 1985 I would be 15 in 1990…


He could be Benjamin button… I can think of no other ways… Now I wanna know your answer lol

Now for the real question:
Where’d he hide the comb?

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The person was lying and he was actually a 90 year old man living in California in 1974.


That’d make him two thousand and twenty nine in granola years, living in his Westphalia bus in the Walmart parking lot sunning his panties while the weenies roast over the gas grill.
Go Grandpa!

Don’t laugh, we had one that looks mighty suspiciously like that exact one…now where’d we park it?


Come on Sarad, give us the answer… please… the suspense is killing me !!

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I don’t know mind fu skills to face riddle. I only know kung fu.

He lost his mind, seen his grandparents making out and went back in age, back to bed wetting and stuff, horrid just horrid

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He was right but I just wanted to add that Nicholas Cage photo.


i still don’t understand the answer.

Years before the Christ - BC were count backwards.