A review of the book: The End of Alzheimer’s (not by me)


“Dr Bredesen’s spectacular success is easily lost in a flood of overly-optimistic, early hype about any number of magic cures. This is an excuse for the New York Times, the Nobel Prize committee, and the mainstream of medical research, but it’s no excuse for me. I’ve known Bredesen for 14 years, and I’ve written about his work in the past. His book has been out for a year, and I should have written this column earlier.”

“I suspect you’re waiting for the punch line: what is Bredesen’s cure? That’s exactly what I felt when I read about his work three years ago. But there isn’t a short answer. That’s part of the frustration, but it’s also a reason that Bredesen’s paradigm may be a template for novel research approaches cancer, heart disease, and aging itself.”

“The Bredesen protocol consists of a battery of dozens of lab tests, combined with interviews, consideration of life style, home environment, social factors, dentistry, leaky gut, mineral imbalances, hormone imbalances, sleep and more. This leads to an individual diagnosis: Which of 36 factors known to affect APP cleavage are most important in this particular case? How can they be addressed for this individual patient?”


I’ve actually heard of this Bredesen protocol thing. It might have been posted here in the news section.

Actually here it is :


I read the book not long ago. It involves addressing multiple factors that might contribute to Alzheimer’s. A person tests for many things and then takes action regarding them via supplements, diet, lifestyle, etc. There are 26 factors to possibly consider.

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Alzheimer’s runs In male side of my family so hoping they can cure it before my dad gets it or something. My grandpa got it he was into his 90s already.

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Interesting, will give it a look. If it works for Alzheimers it may have an impact on schizophrenia too.

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I know there are different factors at play, but I can’t help but think that since there are so many things “gone wrong” in sz, that many things would have to be addressed in order to have a really successful treatment.

The reviewer goes on to say that a protocol designed similarly to this one could “cure” heart disease, diabetes, etc, kinda disappointed he didn’t include other brain diseases. But who knows how many disorders could be cured if you could adequately target the top 1-3 dozen underlying biological causes.