A Reminder: Good People

Because when you’re down, everything in the world seems bad. It isn’t fair to the people though who do a lot of work to contribute something valuable to the world.

This is a list of 10 people who have made some kind of contribution. There are far more than this though. This isn’t meant to be a “who has done more” or “which contribution is greater than which” discussion. Just a reminder that there are good things people have done/brought to the world.

Know someone worth mentioning? Please do.

(Felt compelled to share this for various reasons. @Minnii mentioned that there are good people - one of the reasons)


Albert Hoffman 1515

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The guy in number eight, James Harrison :heartpulse:

Thanks to his donations, my mom was able to receive injections during her pregnancy so her RH negative blood didn’t attack my positive blood. All my siblings and I are alive because of this dude!