A recommendation on books on chess , mathematics

Mathematical Analysis:
William R Wade, An Introduction to Analysis, SECOND edition.
Artur Yusupov ,Build up your chess 1: The Fundamentals


@Chess24 have u started going to the collage…!!

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More recommendations:
Linear Algebra
An Introduction to Linear Algebra , Leon Mirsky
A course in geometry, Plane and Solid, Weeks, Adkins, Hardcover 1961

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I’ll look into these. Thanks for the information. I would recommend maths 1001 by Richard Elwes, it covers anything from basic numeracy to maths physics, geometry etc.


I have a statistics textbook I have opened once this entire semester. I don’t know what its called.

The book on geometry seems interesting, I also like trigonometry.

I heard Rudin is good for analysis…

I’m still a Polgar guy for chess combos and tactics.

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