A reason to be depressed

The doctor didn’t tell me that a side effect of klonopin was sexual dysfunction. Has anybody else had it, did you stop, did you recover from it?

Lately Klonopin has been ■■■■■■■ me up, really sedating me and making me feel real stoned. Lamictal does not mix well with it for me. I have issues but I attributed it to the Risperdal

I love klonopin’s positive effects. 2 mg would put me to sleep and I’m going to miss that. Except I have trazodone! I hate its depressed feel when trying to sleep however it helps erectile dysfunction. My father takes an anti-depressant, and he said viagra helps with his so there is a way to please your partner without worry.

As far as I know once you stop taking the medication that is causing it then you should recover from it.

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