A realization while working out

I could just quit lifting weights and study all day. Just a thought.

But part of my whole reputation is that I am very muscular and that it is part of my identity. I used to be skinny, I wanted to be muscular and now I am how I always wanted to be. The thing is the diet- it’s hard to keep up a weightlifter diet in college.

I figure that for a doctorate program, I might have to say goodbye to lifting. I already have my routine minimized to 45 mins three times a week, but the whole diet (lots of nutritious food) thing is a problem.

I am entertaining the idea of just being a skinny psychology student, but my health would deteriorate- the exercise I do is very advanced, it’s also the only exercise that I get at all.

I will keep it up for now, but there may be a day when I will have to stop.

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You do whatever is necessary - Maybe lifting a lot while you pursue your studies wont be possible, but knowing you - you are a very determined and very disciplined person, I am sure that you will find some kind of healthy balance between your advanced studies and remaining in shape.

You could easily remain physically healthy, through a healthy diet and lighter exercise routines.
Lifting from time to time does not have to come to a complete stop - you just may have to cut back a bit while you study to become a psychologist - All the best to you Mortimer


What is your diet. what do you eat and what do you avoid. what are the portions. I always wanted a muscular body. My thighs are my strongest from bicycle racing and when I ride alot they have some muscle definition to them when I flex them. I went on a extremely low fat diet and extremely small portians of carbs and I lost fat. My body fat scale would sometimes be around 15% or lower at 235lb. Now I am 250 to 260 or over and the body fat percentage is 22% at lowest and up to 28% at times.

i just relax mostly, take it easy when i’m not doing anything

but i do try and do things so i do get some exercise

its not easy though, its a balance.

must be even harder for you though,

i think you should just listen to your heart and just do as you want :slight_smile:

Well, things change. Things that you think will last forever or be there forever go away or change or disappear. I used to be fairly athletic until these last 5 or 6 years. Maybe when the time comes you can keep your routine and cut out some partying and socializing. Just a thought.

I eat an extremely high protein diet with moderate carbs and fat. My portions of carbs doubles on workout days. When I am really sore I also eat a lot, it means muscles are damaged and ready to grow and need calories to grow.

Well I only go out on Fridays and sometimes Saturdays during school. I start school on Tuesday. I figure I will have to change my ways one day, but I have met really old lifters who just never stopped their lifestyles.

My roommate goes to the gym for 3 hours (not exaggerating) every day and still somehow manages to get all A’s and B’s in a difficult science major.

Some people, I swear.

Shhhhh were superhumans, were actually aliens from a planet much like earth, one of our princes came here and called himself Clark Kent.

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I don’t think you should stop lifting weight,lifting weight is probably play a part of your high self confidence and capability.I work for 11.5hrs a day,I start working from 10am-9.30pm,once I reach home at 10pm I go do my workout straight for 1 and half hrs…I believe the workout I do is very important it prevent me to get deep depression…
Recently I injured my leg because of sports and I really miss my workout which I do 5 days a week(used to be 6),I find that without my workout I feel more lonely,@mortimermouse I think you should continue your workout,it makes you look better also