A real treat...yes you too can have fresh bread!

my wife asked me to buy some frozen bread dough in the freezer dept. , you put a frozen loaf into a buttered bread pan and allow to rise (covered with a towel we do it that way), and in eight hours it rises about two inches out of the pan and you bake it for twenty mins…instant fresh bread !! and inexpensive too.


My mother got given a bread making machine.

No idea how it works, but useful piece of kit

My nan had one years ago, and she made Pepperami bread. Nice stuff that was and very spicy


Wow. Duh! I feel like I have been missing out now.

I wonder if the local supermarket has that but with sourdough.

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I had bread with 3 minute noodles today for breakfast. I like it with the bread - not as fresh as yours though.

you can get sourdough…should be available…check the biscuits dough section too.


I just use an ordinary loaf of sliced bread. I prefer the bread you get in the bakery section,it’s much tastier, but I don’t know how long it stays good and how many I’d need to cover a week,

we get five dough loaves for about four dollars…fresh bread all the time is just something I wanted to share…

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I started keeping my bread in the freezer.

wrong thread…sorry about that bump.

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