A reading plan


Do you read what you’ve written incessantly? Instead of mental masturbation, I’m planning on moving on, on reading actual books. Starting with my modest collection, I have a few unread non fiction. A couple self help. Need to nourish my brain. It’s time to log off.


Before diagnosis I read three or four books a week.

After. Not much. Like ten books over ten years.

I’m back reading again. I pick my titles but started off reading Harry Potter. I try to read something every night before sleepy time and it works better. I’m reading a lot more and some pretty involved titles.

As to reading posts. Sometimes I reread but I usually don’t edit. I’m not too precious about what I write!


I need a break from reading, I have been doing it so much that I have been finding it hard to get through my latest book. I think I am going to read this then take 6 months off.


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