A rant. (against the mental disorder)

Schizophrenia is not life-threatening, but it does make my life more difficult. Only if I have the soundness of mind…

I still can’t get over religious obsession. Nearly everyday I think of Jeho—'s Witn-----. I even have the compulsion to draft the letter to their branch office of my country (to appeal for reinstatement). If drastic improvement in our space age and information era is the Science, then its equivalent in our ancestor’s generation few thousand years ago is the Religion. If there must be a physic law that governs us, it would be the Conscience (guide of our morality).

I still hear voice until today. Particularly the voice of God mixing with the inner voice. Only if I have the soundness of mind.

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Religion puts father ahead of mother which is why it shouldn’t be put on children’s heads. It is adult stuff.

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Thanks for the reply, chordy. Your point is well noted.

I don’t think we are allowed to talk about religion here in this forum.

I will try to avoid religious discussion as much as I can.

I think it’s unfair your chosen faith won’t allow you to join them.

I think that’s a sign you should look for a different faith. You are an inclusive and generous person, your chosen faith doesn’t seem to share those qualities.

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Yes, I am thinking of that too. But so far no other better options. Thanks.

my ‘soundness of mind’ is only interupted (sp) by my psychosis and that is a fact jack --I’ve gained a super power for lasting this long- It’s the ability to ignore the psychosis ,either real or imagined – almost makes me immune to detractions -again (SP)

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