A rant about shitty

Ive been called beauiful.
Ive been called ugly.

Why do some people spit out words like ugly, gross, you cant be a cleaner, to someone they dont know.

Why do people unfriend people on facebook

Why can people be so horrible.

There are many nice and good people too in the society

But sometimes the bad make you very hurt.
It hurts like :hocho:

Be Careful about who you pick as your friends

Dont let peoples insults get to you.

Horrible world.


And why are there so many with narcissistisk parents these days?



I was kind of thinking about something like this earlier…

I let a lot of things slide in friendships, don’t know if it’s because I’m genuinely a nice person or because I’m just desperate to keep friends… maybe a mix of both…

I have friends that have said some questionable things to me, and I let it slide.

But if the cards are turned, and i say the wrong thing- they cut me off completely.



Friends are only as many fingers as on a hand …
The true friends you find when you need a ton of help and are desperate.
Other ones are just a friend in a moment of time that wonder by, to only create minor relief from minor grief.


That’s so funny, I was just thinking of that earlier this evening. There’s one friend of mine in particular who is highly selfish, angry and downright toxic at times. He has said things to me over the years, not so much about me but about other people that have made me sick to my stomach. He hates anybody who’s not just like him. And there’s no room in his tiny mind for alternate opinions.

I know that part of the reason I tolerate it, is that I am his daughter’s Godfather and I don’t want to lose contact with her. But there are times I truly feel like telling him to shut his fat selfish trap, and I don’t. I don’t know if it’s a fear of rejection, or the desperate need to hang on to friends even when they’re not good for me. I feel like I am in a position where I now need to make the decision whether to remain in contact or not

Thinking… :thinking:


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