A random thought

Over the last few months I’ve learned some techniques to help shove anxiety and delusions out of the way, in hopes to keep stable. One technique was to repeat “i don’t know” in my mind when something came up and my brain would try to lock into the “figuring it out like it’s life or death” mode. Only if the thing didn’t matter, or I knew at the end I would eventually let it go, or if the end result of letting it go was figuring it out, or if the thought could be finished later… I let it go, told myself “I don’t know. I simply don’t know”

It didn’t hit me until now… With sz there are repeating thoughts. It’s part of the reason they’re so strong and meaningful. It takes the same amount of "I don’t know"s to cancel it out. Or even just thinking of alternatives to what could be true instead of just what I think the worst case scenario is. Think of that next time something is weighing on you. Look at both sides of the coin, not just concentrating on what appears to be bad.


I have to take a “let it be” approach.

If something is important it will most likely reveal itself later, so to maintain my inner peace I have to “let it be”.

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This is the most helpful to me. I will tell myself that I will give myself plenty of time to think about it later because now it is just not helpful to dwell on the situation. Each time it comes up I tell myself, not now, later…
Procrastination is my friend.