A Radio Show done by the mentally ill here in Lisbon

It’s agaisnt stigma, to help people understand the need of medicine, the hospitalizations, etc.

It’s really cool. I’m listening to it right now, shame you can’t understand portuguese.
It’s called Radio Aurora. :slight_smile:


I wonder if ‘normies’ listen to it, otherwise they’re preaching to the converted.

They do… My mom shared it on facebook and a lot of people knew it existed and regularly listen to it.

But I think it’s more indicated to those who are not yet diagnosed or have been diagnosed, or spent time in a mental ward. She called forced medication “chemical restraints” which I found funny. But the doctor she was interviewing said it’s a necessary procedure, and she eventually agreed.

I just discovered it, it’s been on since 2009

Not hard to create your own podcast.


Beautiful name :sunrise_over_mountains:

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