A quote I heard somewhere on love

It was something like this anyways lol


I’d agree with that…love is a lot of things…that is one of them…another is to support each other although there are mistakes we make…


Hmm that’s a good point maybe it’s multi facitied. Also I think giving and supporting people is important because, yes it helps them but also it commicates to others their value as a human being and that they are worthy of care and love.

Mother Theresa used to talk about the poverty of love. That people are hungry and thirsty years but also for love because many people feel abandoned.

So even in giving we really are saying to people not just “ hey here’s bread eat it”, but “you are worthy of love and I care about you”. I’ve been homeless before and I know first hand that sometimes it’s the thought that counts. I’d be far happier with someone who gave me $5 and was nice, then someone who gave me a $20 and barked at me to get a job. Sometimes it’s not even about the money lol

Just philosophizing sorry haha you have a good point tho love requires actual help as well just trying to make sense of It

That is a great quote and Happy cake day @ThePoet!

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Haha thanks @anon97859349 way to make a guy feel special :joy::grin:

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I agree with this quote.

I also think it links in well with love yourself so you can love others.

I think if you can find and cultivate your own beauty you then have the tools to support others to see their own beauty.

Good stuff

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What I just said, I really see this being the case in my experience

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Wow that’s a good point. I guess perhaps to love yourself means to see the beauty in yourself, but not in a vain way like in the sense of recognizing your intrinsic and god given value as a human being. And like you said cultivating it is important which I guess means also acknowledging your flaws and perfecting them; because you are a valuable human being who deserves to grow and be made whole again

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I always found love is the best feeling you can buy.

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