A quirky sense of humor

I find that I don’t get nearly as offended about SZ jokes or references as some of my family who is not SZ. Some of them get really upset at what I think is funny.

For a while I was doing everything I can to remember my meds. But for a while I was missing my night time dose. My kid sis first started putting them in a martini glass with a note… “Shaken not stirred” (James Bond) that amused me. Then she found other little quotes from other books I like. It’s like fortune cookie meds. Now I’m looking forward to the book reference at the bottom of the glass that I am remembering to take my meds more easily. I think this whole thing is funny. I call it a med cocktail… Why not a martini glass? But I have some family who is mortified that my sis and I would take such a silly view of something as serious as my meds.

Halloween I really wanted the kid sis to be Lucy with her booth.

The kid sis made the booth out of cardboard and dressed up like lucy and passed out candy and advice on the little patch of lawn in front of our house and one of my family couldn’t believe how “insensitive” my sis was being. I was highly amused. (She even made a sincere pumpkin patch so I could be Linus.)


Noting wrong with bringing some light and laughter into a dark place. I think it’s a great idea :sunny:

I think it’s kind of like some racists words. The n word for example. Black people say it in songs etc. And there is no critisicism of it but if a white person says it it’s different.

I feel kind of like that with schizo. If it’s someone that has dealt with mental health or has a mental illness i’m okay with them saying it but if they are saying it in a derogatory, way and aren’t familiar with the illness I don’t like it.

i get through most things with a sense of humour, i think it is funny that your sis does that for you Mr Bond .
now i am imagining you have a slick car and roam around Seatle with your sidekick code name ’ little sis ’ and solve these dastardly plans from criminals who want to take over the world !
take care Mr Bond.

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I should say I do have a very slick car that is cleverly disguised as a used 2001 Honda Accord.

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