A question the psychiarist asked me

he asked do I know, right from wrong…what was his meaning asking that?

Did you kill your neightboor? If you knew it was wrong then it doesn’t matter that the aliens told you.

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what was his meaning asking that?
[/quote]He’s gauging your moral compass. People who believe in a form of morality, especially in the potential for good, will behave differently than others.

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idk but the next common question you should ask would be…

I think he is looking for the potential in you of being a psychotic killer.


I would think that if a psychiatrist was interested in whether you were morally discriminating or had societal norms as your discretionary basis, instead of asking you if you know right from wrong he would test you to determine this. I think he asked you the question really because he wants you to consider morals norms in your decision making. He is trying to make you question your morals in comparison to society’s and what is expected of you. I would have to be there to tell for sure.

It’s just homicidal intent check. Don’t worry about it. Lots sitting in a church don’t bother practicing ethics any more…There are lots of part-time crazies who don’t act right. We just cannot get angry with the mental care or we get forced hospital at our own expense…Watch things from this angle & practice right and wrong, and you will be okay as long as you don’t let the POS get you down.

What did you answer? I mean, one could spend an entire lifetime looking for one and still reach no conclusion(except maybe producing a novel such as Crime and Punishment).