A question of manners

I was waiting in line to buy a money order at the grocery store yesterday. I had waited for what seemed like a good while, when this woman who looked in her early sixties took a position beside the line trying to cut in. I think her rational was that she was in a hurry, and what she needed to do took only a short while, though she didn’t say that. I moved up kind of aggressively and didn’t let her in, though she did press the issue. I was in a hurry too, and what I needed to do took only a short time. It took less than two minutes for me to buy a money order, and I had been waiting there for a good while. Do you think I was wrong to do this? Should I have let her cut in front of me, even though my patience had already been heavily taxed? Being a little defensive with a slightly older woman might be counted by some as out of line.

No, I don’t think you were wrong to do this.

it is your right to assert yourself and sounds like it’s not rude here at all.


no no she was pushing in! now I am one to go all too aggressive id have said so your going to push in are you? LOL
but what you did was perfect not make scene and go first. selfish idiot im more important cause… that’s what she was saying in her hed.

Yesterday I was waiting in line for buying smokes at the smoke shop and this guy tried to cut me and I asserted myself because I don’t let people take advantage of me anymore because people have taken advantage of me my whole life and then as I was leaving I heard him complaining to the guy at the register about how I was rude and how “the disease of smoking messes with your brain and makes you do things like that”…what I say, ■■■■ him. He was like twice my age and a little rough around the edges while I’m more cerebral. Pissed me off though and it’s funny your story is similar and you just posted it right after mine happened. Peace. You weren’t in the wrong. I feel this guy at the smoke shop felt entitled because I’m young or something, I’m not sure it was dumb.

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I can think of a few choice words and phrases I would like to use on a guy like that, but I can’t repeat them here.

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Me too, at immigration and border protection counter.

That was a long queue. The Korean young lady behind me keep placing her luggage beside my leg, I was wondering why. She eventually overtook me at a corner. Two Westerners observed this and whispered ‘this is no good’ or something like that (with a serious look).

I don’t mind someone thinking they are more important, as long as they don’t act on it.


You were totally in the right to stand your ground.
She didn’t use proper protocol by asking if she could go ahead of you, not that you would have been obligated to let her anyway, so good for you.

Well different people have different opinion…I guess you were right but you had the authority to let her go. If I were you, I would have probably let her come ahead of me…I mean it’s just my way of thinking…I would think maybe her need is greater than mine…Let it go as it is going…

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I’d been waiting there a considerable amount of time. My patience had already been taxed by the wait. I was in a hurry too.

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I would only allow certain groups of the population to go ahead of me in a line.
I do not allow for anyone no matter the age or disability cut in front of me.
I have let people cut in front of me - but I asked them to go ahead of me - it wasnt forced.
I sometimes let women, the handicapped, and the elderly go ahead of me in a line, especially if they have a couple of items to purchase.
I do not think I would allow another male to go ahead of me, unless they were very elderly or handicapped

It’s circumstantial. If you are in a hurry and have a quick transaction and have been waiting for a while, don’t let someone cut in front of you. Old people are just eh whatever but if someone my age did that I would not be in the mood to take it, I would probably call them on it. Do keep in mind that I know Krav Maga and I am not exactly a timid person, I’m a 21 year old bodybuilder.

People usually don’t do things like that to me, I don’t look like someone to do that to.

I think you shouldnt think about it, you just minded your own business…if someone messes with you, that’s their fault and their problem if you get pissed.

But if it was a pretty young woman I might let it slide, probably even smile at them and offer them to go ahead. But some guy my age? Uh, no.

That’s not rude, not at all, it’s rude for someone to try to cut in front of you. Again, it doesn’t happen to me, people assume that I am in the military because of the way I am groomed and my physique, that and I am usually with other guys my age, buying beer. One of my best friends looks like me but has a short beard and is taller, he lifts, not as much as I do but he is big, we never catch anything when we go out. We both dress similarly too. Well this one time this homeless drunk asked me if I was security when I stepped out of the Hard Rock Cafe for a smoke and I said “no.” Oh, big mistake. He kept telling me and my aforementioned friend and his girlfriend stories and we eventually just said we had to go, and he asked for money.

Depends on where you live, too. Here in the south, people are generally nicer. I don’t run into that sort of crap when I go buy a carton of smokes or a six pack or whatever I am buying.

You remind me of myself when I was your age. I used to weigh 175 and bench press 285. I also did 2,000 repetitions on the jump rope daily, and ran five miles. What brought me down was anti-psychotic medication. I also quit working out as much. Now I’m 56 and pretty flabby.

I’m the poster child for ziprasidone lol I am a beast I’m 5ft 7in 180lbs

I don’t know how you do that. Anti-psych med’s devastate me physically.

Fire and caffeine, a lot of nicotine.