A Question Maybe Some of You Can Answer

When I was growing up me and my brothers listened to some of our parents’ music. Included was “Simon and Garfunkel’s Greatest Hits”. So a question that would seem to make sense now that went over my head at the time is, "Did Simon and Garfunkel take a puff on weed before playing “The 59th Street Bridge Song- “Feelin Groovy””

I don’t understand

I used to listen to their records all the time. I have no idea if they smoked pot, but they probably did.

"By the mid to late 1960s, they were finally Simon and Garfunkel.

They smoked marijuana, experimented with LSD, made hit records and sold out the Hollywood Bowl singing Mrs. Robinson and Homeward Bound."

Before that song that I mentioned there is a guitar riff, a brief pause, the audience clapping, a “woooohh!!!” like sound and then they start playing the music.

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