A question for Ozymandias

Hey I was wondering does the amyloban 3399 still help you with your postitive symptoms? @shutterbug specifically hearing voices

Sort of. It seems to boost the effectiveness of my AP. I take about half of the Vraylar I would need if I wasn’t using it. I used it on its own when I went off APs for eight months and my symptoms wound back up and out of control on me. Had to go back on head meds. It did the same for me on Geodon.

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Do you think my voices will go away if I take invega and amyloban together?? Im on the highest dose of invega

Do you take Invega Sustenna or Invega Trinza?

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I take invega trinza 819 mg

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I have no idea, to be honest. This is something to discuss with your doctor. In my case, I am working toward taking fewer meds rather than having fewer symptoms. I cope with positive symptoms better than I do med side-effects, as they are more debilitating for me. High AP doses strip away my cognition and turn me into a drooling lump. I can’t live like that.


Ok thanks for your input :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @shutterbug I’ve been having bad fears about triggering topics. I know you are good with that. Is there any way we could talk about it?

What is that I’m curious

No. I am not comfortable discussing this privately. Please stop asking to PM me about it.