A question for everyone here-please answer it XD

I have noticed when I am about to go psychotic, I suddenly get extremely anxious and my head ends up hurting, and I get sensitive to everything around me, I guess you could say hyper-aware of everything.

Okay question time. What happens when you are about to go psychotic?

I’d try all the home remedies you know, first. Like a long, tall drink of water, a soak in the tub, relaxing music, a favorite food, call a friend… If they don’t work, tell your doc.

For me it begins with insomnia, irritated, isolation, then I start hearing voices.

First, I get really confused about everything. I don’t know why I’m saying what I’m saying, why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m not sure where I am. I don’t know why I’m standing outside or inside, I don’t know why stuff is moving around me. (cars or people) Even my own apartment doesn’t look right. AlI light gets too bright, sound gets too loud, warm feels too hot and cool fells freezing. I start getting really hyper and panicky, I start talking really fast and the word salad begins to kick in, then the voices really start to scream. My vision starts to pulse. Sometimes I have a personal earthquake.

I feel like I need to run. The kid sis will help me get outside to a quiet space so I can scream at a tree or something. She’ll put me in the back seat of her station wagon and put a blanket over me so I calm down and don’t freak out on her driving.

After that my memory gets fuzed with hallucinations and delusions. Then I’m gone. I’ll come back to lucid reality when it runs it’s course and I calm down.

I know that I’m psychotic or about to be when I see a fly flying towards me then it disappears and I start looking for it, before it happens I start having cravings for sorts of food or getting olfactory hallucinations, then half an hour later I enter a different dimension, if it was too strong I can hear the click in my head when it happens like a switch…on…off…I start getting paranoid and everything seems to look different, then I’m in !

i don’t know for sure it seems so natural to me that i can never tell when i am going psychotic, i may be doing stupid ■■■■ that i would never do but it doesn’t matter i cant consciously tell when I’m having an episode…

I am not even sure i get really psychotic(it fluctuates) but my pdoc has said i have psychotic symptoms in the past . Stress and adverse situations is a major trigger for me. I get hyper sensitive/irrational/verbally more heated and aggressive/words spew out excitedly/ paranoia ramps up.
Then i have the time i get (or used to get pre injections) weird thoughts but i can’t say i have established any pattern to these occurring . Often i can reality test them but they they are persuasive none the less
Years ago pre diagnosis i would have a habit of impulsively asking people embarrassing questions . I think that was a marker that something was not quite right.

I start getting very anxious and very paranoid - then it hit really hits me
But then again I have been delusional and I kind just slip into it

I start losing sleep. Either I run out of sleep meds, or they just don’t work. Then I get manic. I start shaking, and eventually lose touch.

angry , super sensitive and a great need to be left alone and in nature, everything starts to annoy me.
take care

First i become anxious than i start having persecutory false memories and delusions with false persecutory memories, and racing thoughts to the point that i cant call my pdoc and tell her whats happening with me.

hyper-spiritually aware…used to back-up my intellectual phases in a journal until that became too disturbing…used to speak in Latin during psychosis…RESTLESS…can’t focus…loose track…pacing
thirst–knew a great debate was headed my way…like a freakin’ acid trip.then GHOsts in my room.


formilly known as sparrow